About US

Profile Briefing

E Marshals has been a global leader in cyber intelligence since many years and was taking care of 90+ clients most of them being Multinational Companies, Corporate & Government departments in sense to protect their public as well as private assets from various cyber threats. We have a team of more than 50 Security Experts including certified security Professionals, Network Administrators, operation in chief, Administrative Experts to cater for the needs of our clients. E Marshals aims in providing Best IT opportunities. The team of EMarshals is one of the best teams available. We provide flawless opportunities and world class services. The Education Entrepreneurship Firm has a goal to provide and deliver High End Security Solutions and give training to students and corporate which prepares them to meet all the contingencies & challenges of IT Security Industry. It turns beginners into experts. E Marshals has helped the IT Industry to come up very well in India. Our Company is a Digital Security Service Provider and IT Risk Assessor. We are a trusted standard for companies which have to protect their own brands, business and dignity from crippling cyber attacks. E Marshals is a leader in security Intelligence and analytics. We empower organizations around the world in cyber security .The purpose is to detect threats, neutralize threats, and respond to controlling authorities. Marshals protect its customers from all these cyber threats which are very harmful. Other than these we provide compliance automation and assurance which is very innovative and also enhances IT intelligence.


Penetration Testing & Auditing :

We perform practical test on your Network Infrastructure, Website & End Level system to find out its weakness, loop holes, misconfiguration, vulnerabilities & prepare proper report to controlling authorities to take care of the assets from cyber attacks & we audit if any cyber attack happened. We provide real time advice with hard report as well as on demand provide security services to secure the flaws.

Corporate Training :

This training is specially conducted for limited staff of Banks, Corporate, Government Officials, and Secret Service Officials to enhance their knowledge in cyber security field.

Cyber Security Workshops :

We organize expert level security workshops to adequate different levels of security threats for institutions, colleges, corporate, security professionals, and government departments to make them aware about cyber security treats happening around the world for 2 5 days. It also enhances your knowledge towards cyber attacks & to profile career in cyber security.